Last night started the inaugural parade in Ingenio

Last night started the inaugural parade in Ingenio, from La Cantonera to Plaza de La Candelaria with an explosion of rhythms and colours that captivated the crowd from early evening in this particular place of the town Ingenio.
Among the witnesses to this multiracial spectacle was the president of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, accompanied by members of the municipal government, headed by the mayor, Juan Jose Gil.
As announced by the mayor "this is something that happens for the first time in history of this Festival" so personally thanked the president." He was surprised by the impressive cultural show that was living on the streets of Ingenio.
The Municipal musical band of Ingenio sang various melodies that captivated the applause and caused great surprise among the audience, as it is the first time that they were participating at the Festival.
Then came the cultural embassies of Armenia, Brazil and India with their musical interpretations.
Finally, in Plaza de La Candelaria, the president of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, the mayor of Ingenio, Juan Jose Gil, Councillor for Culture, Rayco Padilla, and the director of the International Folklore Festival Villa de Ingenio, David Castellano, who they give a present to each couple of the participating groups.
As a preamble, tonight at Civic Centre of Carrizal from 21:00 pm onwards, we can enjoy the participation of Rangpuhar from India, Geghard from Armenia and "Los Gauchos" from Brazil.